InterCommunication Park

Walking around the mounds, sitting on the stones, listening to the wind and the waves... All of us were in the maternal sea before we came.


This sculpture is located at the picturesque fishing harbour in Killala, on the western side of Killala Bay. Mariyo created an environmental work in the form of a small art park, the land itself being reclaimed from the sea, (and returning to the sea). The work represented the possibility of cooperation and harmony between human and natural production.


ARTIST - Mariyo Yagi

Coming from Japan, Mariyo has built many installations all over the world. A recurring theme in her work is the image of spiralling forms, which she uses as a symbol of continuity. From 1980 through the present, she has created artworks that incorporate plazas, gardens, fountains, earthworks and community art works.



As an environmental artwork, reclaimed from the sea, the work has been subject to natural degradation. The work is currently under review.



Drive to Killala Pier, the site is located directly behind the new Coast and Cliff Rescue Station.

latitude: 54.217482

longitude: -9.215714