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A 50 m long sculpture of earth and stone, which will both shelter and draw attention to the existing unmarked burial mound.


Acknowledgement is a liturgy to communal memory, an earthwork monument to all the anonymous dead, whose memories have been lost and are only remembered through the tradition of the placing of unmarked stones. The sculpture of earth and gneiss stone is bisected by a narrow curved passageway which draws the visitor through the sculpture, into the earth, to emerge and greet the vastness of the surrounding sea.


Born in Westport, Co Mayo, Marian studied at the National College of Art and Design, Dublin. She has participated in exhibitions and completed public art commissions in Ireland and abroad, notably, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany and New Zealand. Her work ranges from small exhibition pieces to large-scale environmental work. Marian was one of the driving forces behind the development of the Tír Sáile project. Marian's Sculpture is titled 'Acknowledgment' and is located on Claggan Island.


Good Condition.



Take the Doohoma/Geesala road from the village of Glencastle between Bangor and Belmullet. Take the first road to the right and continue down to the beach. Drive across the beach to the road on the island. You will find the site opposite the first house on the left'.

latitude: 54.180133

longitude: -9.970805