Sli na nÓg


The sculpture was located at Saint Patrick’s College, Lacken Cross and was the creation of students of Dun Laoghaire College of Art and Design and Saint Patrick’s College, under the mentorship of Niall O’Neill. The students from Dun Laoghaire were: Martha Quinn, Deirdre Hayden, James Moore, Jeremy Summors, Gillian Phipps and Audrey O’Donnell. From Lacken Cross the students were Michelle Loughney and Eimer Golden. Sli na nOg was designed as a meeting place means the way of the young, and the harmony of person and environment. The meeting place, guarded by elemental standing stones, was circular, suggesting eternity.







In the grounds of Lacken Cross School, 3 miles from Killala on the Ballycastle Road.